A new life. New ideas, new layout new contents.

Hi there. Time goes so quickly. In one year things has change. Lots of. I left Italy on the 14th of June. I’m living in South London now and I can’t say how happy I’m now about my life.
Yes I’m missing my wife so much and family. It’s obvious. But life in London it’s amazing. Creativity & ideas are everywhere and that’s why something came into my head.
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Full Screen. That’s why Aperture is different!

Welcome back to a new post and we’ll always talk about Apple Aperture. The amazing software that let you elaborate easily your RAW. With recent update to 3.4.4 version, even the Fuji X series’s users will be able to use Aperture and enjoy it with their RAW files.
I’m here to show how to work “on the go” with the amazing full screen feature, really useful to work with your laptop but really good to for desktop like with iMac and MAC PRO.

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A tutto schermo. Perché Aperture é differente!

Ciao a tutti eccoci di nuovo a parlare di Apple Aperture il software PRO di sviluppo RAW giunto recentemente alla versione 3.4.4 e che ha aggiunto grazie anche all’aggiornamento RAW da parte di Apple la possibilità di lavorare con i file nativi delle Fuji serie X potendo quindi attirare anche le attenzioni di questa schiera di utenti. Ma torniamo a noi. In questo post vorrei mostrarvi come si può lavorare “on the go” con la modalità a tutto schermo, ottima per l’utilizzo con un laptop ma non dimentichiamoci che può essere anche estesa ai sistemi fissi come iMac e MAC PRO.

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Aperture 3.3 The old Highlight & Shadows. How to get it and use again.

Some days ago (at the time I wrote the Italian post) Apple update Aperture to 3.3. Comes with full support for retina display they also introduce some interesting new feature.
One of those is an improvement usability and reliability of the overall performance. Another new feature is the new TAB Highlights & Shadows even if I really enjoy the old version.

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